CD 92.9 Cares FAQs


  1. Will I be guaranteed free advertising by submitting the application?

    Unfortunately, no. CD92.9 will attempt to accommodate all local restaurants and other local businesses that request free advertising, but space is limited. CD92.9 has sole discretion in determining which businesses will receive free radio advertising and/or free website advertising. We cannot guarantee that your business will receive both.

    Please note that CD92.9 will not accept advertising that discriminates on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation
  2. How long will my ad run?

    Our free advertising campaign is fluid and dependent upon inventory availability. In general, we will run free spots for as long as our small business community remains in crisis, for as long as CD92.9 has unsold inventory available, and for as long as the business remains open.

    CD92.9 cannot guarantee the length of time that your free spots will run, and the free advertising program is subject to termination at any time without notice. CD92.9 may, however, attempt to contact each business before terminating the program or before terminating a particular business’s advertising.
  3. Will each ad be different and reflect the business’s branding?

    Yes, so long as the business has given us adequate information to create a custom spot. As our inventory becomes less available, we may transition to a shortened, generic script.
  4. How long will my commercial be and when will it air?

    Our on-air commercials will be 15 seconds. We will place your commercial on a broad rotator schedule. The schedule will be dependent upon available inventory.
  5. Will CD 92.9 write my commercial?

    Yes. Unless otherwise specified, our marketing consultants will craft a commercial unique to your business, and one of our DJs will produce the commercial.
  6. Can I produce my own commercial?

    Yes, but all pre-produced commercials must be professionally produced and have good sound quality. CD 92.9 will retain discretion when determining whether to air a pre-produced spot. At this time, we will not be offering advertisers the use of our production studios to cut a custom commercial.
  7. How long do you foresee this offer being in place?

    We plan to have this offer in place for the duration of the crisis and for as long as CD 92.9 has the ability to continue offering free advertising.
  8. How do I sign up?

    Via our website:
  9. Will my business have a website presence?

    Yes. As long as the business provides us with a logo, we will have the logo on with click-through links.

* Other: Because the current situation is unprecedented and because CD 92.9 has never offered free advertising of this nature, we are growing this program as we go along, and we may experience hiccups along the way. But we will do our best to ensure that our community knows that our local restaurants and other local businesses need our support now more than ever.


The providing of free advertising under our CD 92.9 Cares program is not intended to and does not create a contract between the advertiser and WWCD Ltd. dba CD 92.9.